Monday, February 8, 2010

Another MANIC Monday

Morning everyone!
This weekend was as crazy as I thought it would be, as you can see from the snow pictures. I estimate that we got right around 2 feet, and it took poor Mr. Pit more than an hour to clear the driveway so we could get out. He is absolutely my hero and was rewarded with hot soup and buffalo chicken bites when he came in out of the cold.

The most insane thing about this snow is that it's going to be followed by ANOTHER snow storm tomorrow night! So, all that work we did to get the cars cleaned and driveway cleared will be moot as we are supposed to get another 6-12 inches from tomorrow night into Wednesday! We haven't had snow like this in the Philly area since 1996, and even then it came over a few day period and then was done, this is just nutty!

This map shows the 6-12 line magically dipping right around our area, but I have a feeling it will be more of a straight line and we'll all get dumped on again...needless to say, I'm definitely bringing my work laptop home with me on Tuesday night and I'm not coming in until the roads are nice and clear! (I am NOT one to trudge through heck and high water to get to work, not worth the risk in my opinion, I can do even less work if I'm hurt in a car accident trying to get to work in the snow!)

Anyways, onto the fun stuff..

Yesterday we bought our crib! We went to Babies R Us to look at it (I was trying to decide between this one and another one) and turns out it was in stock right at the store, so we flipped the seats down on the Jeep and took it home! By doing that too we also saved ourselves $125 of shipping costs, how cool is that?! Here is the beauty that Little Pit will sleep in...I really REALLY like it!!

NOW, for even MORE fun stuff...our living room, front hall and stairway are being painted the next two days and I couldn't be more thrilled. I took 'before' pictures, but being the genius I am, left the camera at home and since I'm not supposed to be in the house while the painting is happening, I can't get to it until tomorrow night, but Wednesday I will show you our new light green walls and new white windows! (Right now the room is a mustard yellow with oak colored windows) so I can't wait to get home tomorrow night and take a look!

Tonight Lil' Pup, Mr. Pit and I are camping out at my parents house, and Lil' Pup will be there today and tomorrow too so he won't get in the painters way. He's so darn friendly that there would probably be nose marks on the wall, many missing paint brushes and a light green colored black pitador from all the paint he would get on, he'll have to see it for the first time when we do :)

That's our busy week and if this storm hits it will be even busier!

I hope you all had great Super Bowl weekends, I am happy that the Saints won, and even happier it was such a good game! Thanks also to the D's who were the best hosts as always and who sent us home with TONS of food AND CAKE!

Have a great week!
xoxo Mrs. Pit

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