Thursday, September 24, 2009

A new Pitador :)

Hi all,
I am assuming that you all know that my Lil' Pit is really a Pit-a-dor, a mixed up mutt of part Pitbull and part Labrador. I call him a Pit because he has such a cute Pitty smile and I want people to realize that all Pits aren't bad and bred for fighting or randomly lunging at a neighbor. Lil' Pit would never do anything besides lick you to death, so part of my purpose of this blog is to get that point out there.

Anyways, I wanted to introduce Maris, a new Pitador that was rescued by our friends A and T down in Washington DC. Maris was named after the late great Roger Maris, a former Yankee, due to her tag number being #61. Fate took over and A and T took Maris home a few weeks ago.

Here are pictures!

I mean, could she *BE* cuter? Not that she's cuter than Lil' Pup, but she's really stinkin' cute!

Hope this brought you a smile today, have a great Thursday!

Oh, and YAY for Grey's premiere tonight! If I can actually stay up until 11 I'll be so happy!

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Black Labs and Lilly said...

Adorable! I didn't realize Grey's was 2 hours tonight, thank goodness for DVR!