Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Hi friends,
well, today was D-Day...drop off day for Lil' Pup. Main Line Animal Rescue found him a foster home, YAY! and I dropped him off this morning and he was going to be picked up at noon.

I did pretty well until someone asked how I was, and then I lost it. I feel SO guilty for doing this, but even the two people who work at the kennel that I saw today said that it was the best thing for everyone involved. If Lil' Pup ever did anything to hurt Little Pit we would all be sorry, and he most likely would have to be put down, and it never got to that thank goodness.

Lil' Pup didn't seem to notice anything, as soon as he realized he was in a place where he could smell other dogs he didn't pay ANY attention to me whatsoever, and when Megan took his leash to bring him to the back, he didn't even turn around. I think it's all for the better though, had he turned around, or if I had to say some sort of formal goodbye I think I would have lost it even more than I already did.

What did cheer me up (The people at MLAR are good!) was the little of AKC certified Black Lab puppies that were dropped off yesterday. 8 puppies. 8 weeks old. 8 ADORABLE fuzz buckets. They said we could have one. We could pick it up Saturday. Girl or boy, our choice. Anyone we wanted. SATURDAY.

Mr. Pit said NO. Shocker.

I think it's for the best though, I can't really imagine trying to wrangle a crawling/pulling up almost 8 month old AND trying to house train a puppy in the middle of winter...but, I'll keep you posted if Mr. Pit lets his guard down and says yes!!

Oh, and apparently there are 12 yellow lab pups on their way and should arrive tomorrow. Anyone want a FULLY CERTIFIED PURE BRED Lab for Christmas? They have 'em!

Email me if you're interested!

Thanks for all the support over the past few weeks, it really has helped me through this very difficult decision making process.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Oh, and Little Pit can sit on her own, can fully crawl (AND FAST!) and is pulling up on everything she can get her hands on, eek! Here's a pic since I haven't shown her in awhile.

xoxo Mrs. Pit

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AEOT said...

So amazingly adorable. You did make the right choice, though I would be dying too inside. Labs are bundles of pure energy, so I'd wait awhile for that one :) At least until you have 6 year olds who want nothing to do all day but throw to the doggie!!