Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Mr. Pit called the rescue where we got Lil' Pup, Main Line Animal Rescue and they understand our situation and are as saddened by the events as we are. They are a fabulous no-kill shelter known around the country for their love of all animals and all the work they do to shut down poorly run puppy mills.

Currently they are looking for a foster home for Lil' Pup as no one wants him to go back into kennel life with lots of other dogs as we know it was super stressful for him.

Hopefully we will have something by the end of the week, and hopefully someone is willing to foster him for a few month before they can put him in a forever home.

Thank you for all the support, the emails and messages I have gotten this morning have really made me feel much better about things and I really appreciate it. I am glad you understand how hard this was for us, and how hard it will be moving forward without him in the house, but we know it's for the best.

Mrs. Pit

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Kelly said...

thanks for the update =o) I cannot fathom the pain you are going through (we have a pit mix rescue) but do want to again reinforce you are making the decision that is right for your family-and that takes a very strong person to do so. Im glad he will be going to another home that will love him endlessly =o)