Thursday, November 17, 2011



So, I have been told by Santa, that unless I clean out my closet a bit, he won't look at my Christmas list.


So, here's my attempt to do so.

There's a ton here, and a ton more coming tomorrow. To purchase anything, just email me at and we'll do paypal from there. (My paypal account is under another email). Any questions about anything, email me there too. All prices include shipping!

Happy Shopping!

(Oh, and a lot of these downloaded in the wrong order, but you can kind of get the drift, right?!)

Lilly Corderoy Mini Skirt with some stretch. Size 12 $30 shipped

Lilly Sweater Dress Size Large. Purchased for $198, $50 shipped

Etcetera dress with collar. Size 10. Purchased for $175, $50 shipped

JCrew V Neck Dress with silk sash. Size 10. $40 shipped

Lilly Cocktail dress, fully lined, size 10. Purchased for $198, $60 shipped

Vineyard Vines Blue Mini Skirt. Size 12 $40 shipped

Banana Republic Khaki Pencil Skirt Size 10. $30 shipped

Lilly Pink Golf Skort Size 10. $35 shipped

Anne Klein Riding Boots (inside zipper). Size 9 1/2 $40 shipped

Anne Klein Gold Pom Pom Flats. Size 9. Purchase for $98. $35 shipped

Simple Sneakers. Size 9 1/2. Worn only a few times. $25 shipped

Boden Purple Silk Open Toe Heels. Worn once. Purchased for $198. $60 shipped.

Again, there's more questions. If you want anything or have questions, please email me at I have lots of Lilly sweaters and blouses coming tomorrow as well as some outerwear (North Face fleece, Merrell Snow boots, get excited!)


xoxo Mrs. Pit

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Anonymous said...

I am your newest follower! I wish I would have found you before you shipped all these items! I am loving that Burberry skirt!