Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Update

Morning Pit Fans,
It's another frozen day here in the city, so I opted for the heated station of Strafford today as opposed to the open-to-the-elements St.Davids...and I was glad I did. Just a quick update on the weekend and then I've got to get started on work as I have a big bid due on Wednesday.
1. I failed miserably at not spending any money this weekend. $300 at Lilly, $50 at Staples and 2 meals out...oops.
2. I LOVE all my Lilly pieces even though I am returning 2 as I spent way more than I should have, and I won't wear the dress as much as I probably should, so it's going back. But, the above tunic is what I am wearing to the Martha taping. Wahoo!!
3. I watched the Oscars in its entirety.
4. I am completely exhausted (see above)
5. Saw Slumdog Millionaire and LOVED IT. I protested to see He's Just Not That Into You but I am so glad we decided on Slumdog. See it.
6. 6 days to Colorado. Can't. Freaking. Wait. I am going to start laying out clothes tonight. yay!

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