Friday, February 20, 2009


Morning Pit Fans,

It's a balmy 24 degrees here in the city today, and that R5 couldn't have come soon enough! I was a preppy Popsicle this morning by the time it decided to rumble by and pick me up, thank goodness for cute North Face hats to keep my head and ears warm!
Mr. Pit is in New York today and tomorrow so spend time with his family after his Grandmother passed away last week, so it will just be me and Lil' pup at home tonight and tomorrow. (I was up last weekend but am just too busy at work with projects due to take the whole day off)

So, tonight I think I'll make myself another grilled cheese (I used super aged sharp cheddar last night and it was delish) and then Lil' Pup and I will sit down for Season 4 of One Tree Hill as it's supposed to come from Netflix today, yay! I know that doesn't sound so exciting to anyone else, but one of my favorite parts of winter (and believe me, there are not many!) is snuggling on the couch with Lil' Pup and Mr. Pit and watching some riveting television (even if it is from 3 years ago!)

In other news, I may actually get to go to the mall tomorrow (King of Prussia, obvi) and I am excited like you wouldn't believe. Since Mr. Pit and I are on a no spending kick, I haven't even let myself go into stores, much less try anything on, MUCH LESS buy anything...but I think tomorrow I will go get myself a little pick me up (maybe some Lilly stationery?)to get myself through February. We have to go buy Mr. Pit some pants for a wedding that he is a part of in May, so I will just tag along and see what I can find. Then I think we'll go see "He's just not that into you" and call it a night.

Anyways, that's the big plan for the not so big (or long) weekend. Hope you have more exciting stuff than me going on! Oh, and tune in next week for Pre-Vail trip excitement!


Kate said...

I am behind on One Tree Hill too. Luckily soap net is catching me up pretty fast-I was able to record all of season 5 so I should be done with that very soon!

Preppy Pitbull said...

Kate, I tried to record all of OTH on the DVR but it was eating up so much space I switched over to Netflix...I can get two DVD's a week so I am flying through. The Season 3 finale was crazy! I love it though :) I still watch the new ones on Monday nights, so eventually I'll have to pick something else for my netflix queue :)