Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Give or take 10 degrees

If it were 10 degrees warmer, it might actually be semi-pleasant outside. If it were 10 degrees colder, this rain might actually be snow, and that would be lovely. As it is, it is just cold and rainy, not exactly a lovely day in Philly...
But, I get to go home to Mr. Pit and Lil' Pup and have a nice relaxing evening. I plan on putting on fleece pants (they are really to go under my ski pants, but they are so darn soft and cozy I use them as PJ pants) and a hoody (probably my JHU Field Hockey, but since I am one with MANY hoodies, this could be a complicated decision)and then parking myself in front of the tv to catch up on DVR'd episodes of House and Bones.
We are supposed to grill tuna tonight and make a salad (and by 'we', I mean Mr. Pit) but I am not sure that is what I want at all...but we are really in a spending freeze, so I think my plea for take out could be and would be quickly nixed. Oh well, the tuna that we get from Trader Joe's is amazing and always good, it just doesn't sound as appealing as say grilled cheese and tomato soup at the moment.
Anyways, that's all I have...plans are all in place for the NYC trip, and everything is in place for the trip to Colorado as well. More on that tomorrow, have a good night!

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