Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ready for take off!

Hi Pit Fans,
We take off at 4:40 today and we can't wait. We dropped off Lil' Pit at the vet this morning, and for once I didn't cry! He went bounding to the back, wagging his tail the whole way, and Mr. Pit was with me so I didn't get as emotional. Plus, my older brother is picking Lil' Pit up next Saturday so that he'll be home when we get home next Saturday night.
Anyways, we're all packed and I can't believe how efficient we are. We have one big suitcase that is getting checked, then a carry on suitcase and then just one more duffel, pretty good huh? PLUS, we checked in RIGHT at 4:40 yesterday (we are flying Southwest so we have to check in 24 hours before to get our boarding assignments) and we got A16 and A18 so we'll be right at the front of the line! Who know's who got A17...isn't that random? But we'll figure it out. I like sitting towards the front so we get off the plane first, but no rush today as we have to pick up our bag and our rental car anyways. We should be up to Breckenridge by 11 tonight and then we can sleep in and explore the town tomorrow and start skiing on Monday, yippee!
I will try to blog while I'm out there but we're not bringing the laptop, but I might be able to put in a Wednesday post from Copper.
Anyways, hope everyone is enjoying their weekends!
xoxo Mrs. Pit

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