Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A snowy start

Morning Pit Fans!
It's been a crazy start to 2009, but I couldn't be happier to be back on the scene. One big change is the new background, and I'm really loving the preppy sensibility that is all things argyle, and most importantly, pink and green!

Work has been good thus far in 2009 and I have also survived the two rounds of layoffs which were a total let down when they happened. A lot of good workers got cut because of the straining economy and the lack of construction work, and I am hoping that when things turn around they can all move on to bigger and better things. I however, have been busier than ever with competitive bids, which is good for me and the company, so all seems to be well there.

On the home front all is wonderful. Lil' Pup LOVED the snow this morning and was very excited that he got to be out on his leash today while we shoveled our driveway. I never thought we had a huge driveway until I had to shovel it this morning, and boy oh boy its bigger than I thought! But, I made it into work a scant 1.5 hours late and since hardly anyone is here in my department today, it all worked out perfectly.

On the economy front, Mr. Pit and I have most of our stuff together for our taxes, so we are really hoping that we get a refund this year instead of owing like we have the past two years!

I am also trying to really rein in the shopping but it is SO much easier said than done when you have companies like J. Crew and Pottery Barn constantly emailing you with offers and sales! I also found some really cute preppy blogs and websites that I am newly obsessed with.
My latest craving though, is for monogrammed melamine plates, bowls and serving trays...I mean, can you think of anything cuter?! I found super cute ones here and am trying to figure out how NOT to buy them for us (as we dont need anything more in any of our cupboards ever!) but am thinking of them as wedding presents. And, seeing as we have 5 weddings this year, yes, 5...I think I can get my craving out while buying for others, double win!!

Anyways, I gotta get back to the grind, but wanted to catch up and let you know I'll be with you regularly from now on!
xoxo Mrs. Pit
(oh, and btw, this weeks Gossip Girl was the best ever, posing us with the question of "Is a scandal still a scandal if you can't text about it?" ha...I love it.)

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