Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's coming on Christmas

Hi friends,
again, all apologies for being so ridiculously bad at blogging on a regular basis. Work has been crazy, life has been crazy, both Lil' Pup and I got some sort of tummy bug last weekend and it's all been a roller coaster ride that I can barely explain myself out of.
First, today is my last day of work until 2009. I have never been so excited. You can feel the tension in the air as everyone is busting at the seams to get out of here for some extended period of time, and I, in all my brainiac glory, took 4 vacation days that yield me 12 days off in a row. SWEET. I love how the holidays fall this year, it's never been better :)
Second, we finally scored a big project we've been working on (we even got to ring the 'sale' bell this morning) so the whole office is in a fun giddy mood.
Third, I bought all my coworkers candy canes...nothing big, but still a nice little treat that I wanted to leave everyone with.

As for last weekend, the work party was hilarious and fun, and yes, I am still employed as of this morning. I did in fact take advantage of the open bar even though I said I wouldn't, and I had a ton of fun hanging out with co-workers who I am lucky enough to call friends, so that is a total plus :)

As for the Assemblies on Saturday, that didn't turn out quite the way I wanted. I didn't feel great all day Saturday (pretty normally hungover though) but for whatever reason, I got deathly ill at dinner and couldn't recover in time for the receiving line, so we missed the main part of the ball. It was a shame too because there were lots of people I knew and wanted to hang out with, but my stomach got the best of me and I was down for the count. Total bummer since I looked pretty damn good as well, blah. I am feeling better now though, thank goodness.

Finally, all the Christmas presents are wrapped, and I can't wait for Mr. Pit to open all his gifts. I am very proud of everything I got him, and I can't wait to set it up and get it going. All his little gifts are pretty good too, so they should be fun to watch him open as well. I can't lie to you either, I am pretty darn excited to see what he got me as well. He is honestly the most thoughtful person ever, and every year I am blown away with the gifts he gets me. He always goes above and beyond and I am madly in love with him for that.

Anyways, We have a big corporate lunch today at Capital Grill, yummy! I am really looking forward to closing out the year with a big fun steak lunch and then heading home afterwards to take Lil' Pup to the vet. I think he still has his bug, so we have to get him all checked out. Especially since he's going to be kenneled there for 5 days over New Years, we need to make sure he's OK to stay.

Enjoy your holidays, I will try to blog from home and from our ski trip, but if not, I'll see you in 2009!!

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Gavin said...

No posts in two weeks! What is going on? I need my Pit Bull!!!