Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So...I got distracted

So...While stalking the internet for wedding web-pages and registries to weddings I won't be invited to (this is one of my fun games, I LOVE looking at what people register for!)...I found that Restoration Hardware does baby and kid furniture.

Then, my Virgo-ness kicked in (we LOVE to plan) and I started looking at furniture options for our future child (no, not pregnant, but I love to think about it) and this is what I found. Isn't the pink and brown and white adorable? My mom HATES brown so this obviously isn't the final choice, and by the time we get to having kids and much less having a girl...I am sure this color combo won't even be popular...but still.

Talk about a tangent! Anyways...here is my thought...Lilly Baby...who's with me? I could design the world's CUTEST pink and green room!!


Gavin said...

Or a Silver and Black or Cardinal and Gold if it is a boy!!!!!

Kate said...

Pink and brown is my favorite combination. I love this nursery!