Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Grammercy Tavern and a day in NYC

That's right folks, I scored the ultra-elusive Grammercy Tavern reservation for my day off in NYC with my Mom, and I am SO thrilled about it.
We have to be up in New York City by 8am , and at the Martha studio by 8:30am in order to get our tickets and get seated for the show which starts taping at 10:00 am. Then, at 1pm we have lunch reservations for 4 people at Grammercy Tavern and I am seriously excited about the food. Grammercy gets voted into the Top 10 of NYC restaurants consistently, and I am just thrilled that it's the way we get to top off our awesome Martha Stewart/Lilly Pulitzer day. I am now hoping for warm weather and we'll be all set! I also saw Danny Meyer drink mixes at Williams Sonoma, so you know you're big time when they start mass producing your signature cocktails!
I have only eaten at 1 other Danny Meyer restaurant, The Modern, and it was utterly fabulous. We went last August with Mr. Pit's family and it was incredible. We had a lovely day at MoMA before our awesome dinner, and every part of the meal was perfect.
Anyways, the biggest news of all is this: I am going to be a 1 time (hopefuly more!) contributor to The Preppy Princess' blog! I emailed her to thank her for posting the Martha ticket information, and since she is the reason I got the tickets, I thought I could atleast email her a 'thanks'! Turns out she wants a play by play of the day, as well as pictures from the event, and I told her I would be thrilled to contribute!! You can read her blog by going here and clicking on her blog icon in the middle of the page, plus, they have super cute preppy things for sale, so shop while you're on!
Look for me on the blog the 3rd week of March or so, yippee!

oh, and by the way, I LOVE this new shift by Lilly, yay for Spring!!

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