Thursday, February 26, 2009

You can't

...cry over spilled milk. You CAN however cry over spilled wine.
Last night I knocked over a full glass of my FAV red wine last night, all over the carpet, couch, myself, Mr. Pit and Lil' Pup...not good. Now the whole living room smells like OxyClean carpet cleaner, yuck. Anyways, we have 4 more bottles of the yummy wine (we buy it by the case, it's the bottle shown on the left) but it was very sad to knock it over and ruin a perfectly, hilariously fun evening. (Mr. Pit and I spent the night watching American Idol and making fun of everyone and everything about the show) Good times.

In other news, we are not even 1% packed for our trip on Saturday, and I haven't printed our itinerary or gotten anything organized. Our Peaks Passes are somewhere in the house, as well as my ski gear which has mysteriously gone missing. Oh well, I'm sure it will turn up before Saturday, it better!

Lil' Pup will go to the kennel (in the vets office) on Saturday morning and then my younger brother will pick him up next Saturday so that he can be home when we get home on Saturday night. I hate leaving him, but there is no other logical choice. Plus, he's safe, warm, and taken care of by the vets assistant that lives up stairs. He also gets updated on his shots (which saves an office visit fee) so it all works out. I do however, cry every time I leave him. He just wags his tail, licks my face and bounds into the back. Ah, dogs, gotta love em.

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