Friday, March 13, 2009

Furry Friday

Because you gotta have Faith, Faith, Faith....

Check out this SWEET girl. Faith was stuck in a commercial breeding facility before being rescued by Main Line Animal it's your turn to rescue her! Faith is 5 and LOVES other dogs. Check her out today!

This is from MLAR's website

Faith is a beautiful yellow lab with a very appropriate name. I'm sure faith that someone would rescue her for the commercial breeding facility someday is what kept her going - and lucky for her MLAR was there to help her. Faith bears some scars, physically and mentally, from her years as a breeding female, but she is one of the sweetest most outgoing labs we've seen in a long time. Faith loves attention from the volunteers - she openly asks for it now - and she loves to run around in the fenced in play yards - it is wonderful for the volunteers to see the joy in her face as she runs all over the yard, happy and carefree, knowing that she didn't have this for several years prior to coming to MLAR. Faith loves other dogs and enjoys their company so a forever home with a canine companion would be great. Faith is just 5 years old, active, sweet and cute as can be - it doesn't get much better than that.

Go to Main Line Animal Rescue to look at Faith and lots of other animals that need your help :)


Prep-E Girl said...

You cannot do this to me!!!! I LOVE yellow labbies and DH won't let me get one!!!

I wish I could HELP HER!!!


Preppy Pitbull said...

She is the cutest! Plus, she's totally house broken and oh so gentle...forward the link to your hub and beg :) That's what I did for like 3 months and he finally let me adopt Blake (Lil' Pup), and he loves him as much as I do!

thepreppyprincess said...

Oh, she looks so sweet! We just finished dropping off all the things we're donating to our Humane Society's Annual auction (The Fur Ball) and couldn't bear to see all the animals at the shelter!