Thursday, March 12, 2009

Martha Recap

We started the day early...really early! We had a 5:52 am train out of 30th street. I would have been more cranky if the building hadn't been so darn cool. I am an architecture nut and I love the inside of this building, it's one of my favorite places in the city (minus the creepy people who tend to hang out there at odd hours).
Then, in a mere hour and fifteen minutes we were here...the huge and confusing Penn Station/Madison Square Garden. Hello New York!
Then we walked the 8 blocks down 7th avenue to 26th street, and found the Martha studio, and our place in line.

Then we got our tickets, and waited in the waiting room (ever so impatiently, but I tried to stay calm). There were SO many Lilly fanatics in one place, you couldn't help but smile and want to introduce yourself to everyone (but alas, my shyness took over and Prep-E girl was the only one I said hi and introduced myself to). We ended up being # 16 and 17 in line (and 16 is Mr Pits lucky number, so I thought that was a good sign!)
Then Mom and I had our picture taken with Martha (ha, not really!)
Then we were ushered into the studio and taken to our seats. We weren't as lucky as some people, there were about 18 spots ON the stage and I was SO jealous for the people that got to sit up there, but then realized that everyone was as diehard a fan as I was, so I decided so stick with being happy for them. Plus, everyone had the same view, but some people even got interviewed by Martha herself! See Hopsy's story on her day and being interviewed by Ms. Stewart herself! Monograms and Manicures is Hopsy's blog, check it out!

The show went by really really quickly, there were 7 segments, and during each break there was SUPER loud dance keep us awake I guess? Who was pretty strange, but fun (Mom kept on asking if I knew who sang the songs, and I couldn't answer her once, but I did recognize a few!)

And, as if things couldn't get any better, we got TONS of prizes thanks to the wonderful people at Lilly. We both came home with McKim sandals (I am picking mine up on Monday night at the King of Prussia store) a pair of sunglasses, Lilly pencils and a scented candle!

Also, on the bus on the way up to the Lilly 'after party' at the Madison Avenue store, we got a paper crown (now adorning my wall in my office) and a snack bag (which was great because I was starving).

The rest of the pictures are from the studio (I had to take a picture of all the lights in the ceiling, I couldn't believe how many there were!) and of course of Martha during the question and answer session at the end of the show. The jeeps parked outside were TOO cool (I totally want one!)and the store was packed to the gills with adoring fans of the show and the brand.
Mom and I then treated ourselves to lunch at Gramercy Tavern, which was SOOO yummy, and I meant to take pictures of my perfectly laid out plates of food, but alas, I ate it too quickly to do so, oh well!
Overall, an amazing day.
And many many thanks go to The Preppy Princess , for without her blog I wouldn't have even known about the show, the chance to apply for the tickets or any of the great information she gives on a daily basis on all things preppy!

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Preppy Sue said...

I think my mom and I were seated right behind you at Martha! I saw your audience photo at Preppy Princess and realized you must have been directly in front of us. It truly was a great day!