Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another lonely night....

So, Mr. Pit has been super busy with his school work lately, and while I am SO proud of him for working so hard, I can't help but feel a little lonely in the wake of his absence. While he is gone most evenings I have gotten into the following habits.

Around 6pm I take Lil' Pup for a walk, though this is quite weather dependant. If it's kind of yucky we just go in the yard and 'play' soccer and I throw his football for him.

Around 6:30 I start thinking about dinner and inevitably find myself going through mail, cleaning up something in the sink, adjusting my ipod playlist...and basically get so distracted that I don't remember that I've been thinking about dinner until my tummy starts rumbling!

Around 7 I make said dinner. This can consist of any of the following: pasta (reheated or newly cooked), crackers and cheese, oatmeal, cold cereal, celery and dip and sometimes even a bagel sandwich. I am not good at cooking for just myself, but rather than starve (which is torture to even just think about!) I cook myself something not resembling a traditional dinner at all, but I am fed nonetheless.

Around 7:30 I turn on "The Insider". It is totally pointless television but I get my daily dose of celebrity gossip and it makes me happy.

Around 8 I see what is showing on the networks and either find something awesome (Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, House, Bones, etc) or something terrible. This then makes me revert to either a DVD (Mad Men, SATC, Gilmore Girls, etc) or move to the movie channels and scrounge there. If I'm watching a good show I can't be distracted by anything big (though I can needlepoint) and if I'm watching a DVD or a movie I've already seen, I might also be reading a magazine or sewing or some other craft.

Around 9:30 I go upstairs to brush my teeth and get ready for bed. I then call Mr. Pit to let him know that Lil' Pup and I are going to bed and that he should wake me up when he gets home. He always does :)

Other nights I can be more motivated to do things (like grocery shopping or picking up dry cleaning or just plain shopping) but I normally do those things while on my way home so once I walk in the door I can be settled.

I know it doesn't sound like much of a life, but as the days get longer I will be outside more and more either in the garden or on the golf course. June nights are my favorite because you can play until almost 8:30 at night and still find your ball! Oh how I can't wait for warmer weather! Until then it's crafting and TV for Lil' Pup and I. And then hopefully NEXT July when Mr. Pit is done with school, then we can really have some fun!

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Have a great day!


Dollface said...

props to you for a nite alone without the hubby... it looks like you did a great job!! Take this time to watch all the shows you want and pig out... you shouldve ordered a pizza... xoxo

Black Labs and Lilly said...

June nights are the best for some late golfing!! My Big Pup loves his football in the evenings too!