Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I was tagged!

I was tagged for the first time ever, so here goes!

So here it is how it goes: You must list 5 sexy things about yourself, and then pass it on. Once you are tagged you can save the award on my right hand pane and add to yours!! ENJOY :)

1. I sleep naked.
2. I wear hanky-panky wannabe thongs that I get from Target (they are awesome and completely as comfortable as the real thing, only a lot cheaper!)
3. We have a CD player and an iPod dock in our bedroom so we can get in the mood if we need to, though most of the time we don't need it...
4. I read our playboy subscription cover to cover every month. Most of the time I read it before Mr. Pit can get his hands on it.
5. My favorite vacation spots do not include televisions or computers, I can always find something to entertain us way more than TV or the internet ever could!

I tag:

Have fun!
Mrs. Pit

And I am tagging....

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Kate said...

What a fun post! Not sure I have anything sexy to post ;)