Friday, March 6, 2009

Vail did NOT get the memo

That's right, the memo that it's supposed to be SPRING soon! The two days of skiing we had here we less than stellar as we were pushed around by the wind for two entire days. The snow yesterday was horrid, and that's only if it you can call it snow. I felt like we were skiing back on the East Coast with all the ice. I didn't even know they HAD ice in Colorado! But they did, and we found it, all of it. Today was much better, but it was still tiring to fight the wind at every turn.

Some exciting celebrity news was that we ran into Alex Rodriguez of Yankees and Steroid fame right on Vail Road in the village yesterday. Once Mr. Pit realized that he actually DID want a picture with him (we normally aren't the celebrity bothering-types) he was into thin air never to be seen again. But, it was a fun story nonetheless.

We head back to Philly tomorrow afternoon and I have to admit that I am mostly excited to see Lil' Pit :)

Overall we had a great vacation, and I am so glad I got to spend a whole week with Mr. Pit while he had a week off of grad school. I also skied really well (if I do say so myself!) the 4 days we were on the slope, and I was rewarded by yummy dinners the whole week. We are making Penne ala Vodka tonight and I can't wait.
Talk to you all soon! xoxo Mrs. Pit

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