Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cleaning out the closet

So, I got inspired by another blog yesterday and went into my closet last night to get some things out that I haven't used/carried/worn since I bought them. All are without tags, but are oh-so-gently used.

Email me at PreppyPitBull@gmail.com if you are interested in any of the items, name a price and we'll figure it out :)

First: A little tote from Coach. Totally adorable, but since it's one of about 12 pink Coach bags I own, I am willing to part with it. I bought it new for $128.

Next are Coach wedges. I searched high and low for them, finally found them, and wore them twice. They are 9 1/2's and still in the box with the original paper. I bought them new for $228, but again, throw an offer out!

This one is awesome and I am sorry that I didn't wear it more. This is a furry cozy awesomely warm coat from Ann Taylor. It is a Medium and is SO cozy and warm. I didn't wear it much because I have about 5 other jackets that get into the rotation before this one. New it was $198.
Last but certainly not least..is a vintage Lilly skirt. It is a size 12, but fits like a 10 (it was from the 70's so the sizes are a tad different!) This is really really cute but just not my color way at all.
Email me at PreppyPitBull@gmail.com if you're interested in any of this stuff!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

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