Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Everyone hates me because my life is perfect...

ha, or something like that. That was definitely the line of the night last night, spoken by none other that the "perfect" Miss Blair Waldorf.
Yesterday could have been one of the more horrific days of my career, but I chose to look on the bright side of things (is there a bright side to a 7 hour meeting?) and rewarded myself with a sushi dinner and two hours of unadulterated CW viewing.
My day started out easily enough, with me getting into work at 7:45, per usual. I worked on putting my estimate together, but was waiting for a HUGE number from a subcontractor, so I thought that I had done as much as I could. I had a 'check-in' meeting with my boss, who promptly bled red ink all over my work.

Awesome. I went back, did more work, worked through lunch, and went back into his office at 1, and didn't leave there until 6:30. So, by this time I hadn't been outside in almost 11 hours and I was dying to leave.

Finally the email was sent, and a rescue text was sent to Mr. Pit. "Wanna meet me in Bryn Mawr and we can go to Sushi Land?" "YES" was his reply and it was exactly what I needed.

I spent the train ride on the internet on my cell phone, and before I knew it I was biting into totally delicious sushi by Jae, my all time favorite sushi chef. YUM.

Then it was home and directly to the TV to start the DVR with Gossip Girl and then One Tree Hill. Back to back. Not even a bathroom break. With Lil' Pup on my lap. PERFECT!

So, all in all, my crazy work day ended well with yummy sushi, my two favorite shows and then my cozy bed all by 10:30. Brilliant.

What I did miss though, was the book signing event at the Lilly Store in King of Prussia, and I feel REALLY bad because I told Prep-E Girl Erin that I would go as one of her guests and I totally bailed. I got off the train at 7:15 and the event was over at 8 and I couldn't bring myself to go up to the mall. Sorry Erin! I really wanted to go, I hope it was fun!

Anyways, we're supposed to get some sun here today (atleast that's what Doug Kammerer said last night on the news) so I am looking forward to that. Spring officially starts on Friday, let's get some spring weather in here, shall we?!

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Prep-E Girl said...

Oh! I am actually glad! I thought for sure you were there and I missed you (or didn't see you). So, now I don't feel so terrible!

We'll have to plan something else, soon!