Monday, March 9, 2009

A summary of sorts

Hi all,
so I thought I would give you a summary of my last 7 days by ranking all the places and things that I did, so that if you ever find yourself in Breckenridge, Copper Mountain or Vail, you can go (or not) too!

Saturday 2-28 Flew out of Philly to Denver.
DIA is awesome. A+ for an awesome, clean, well laid out airport and rocket-fast baggage claim. LOVES IT.
Hertz Rentals Car- We got a camry, not a 4WD that we were hoping to be upgraded to for free (yeah, they are pretty smart there, and you don't get an SUV unless you pay for it) so we got a good old Camry. A fun detail was that our car was in parking spot 624- our wedding anniversary! I took that as a good sign and ran with it.
Breckenridge Mountain Lodge- well, the saying "you get what you pay for" is TOTALLY accurate for this place. We had a bed, a tv and a bathroom. It was all they described and NOTHING more. I could have bitched about it, but instead decided to spend as little time as possible in the room and instead enjoying myself in the cute town of Breckenridge.
Sunday 3-1 Day in Breckenridge
Blue Moose- A breakfast must. Totally awesome, worth the wait, completely delicious, and didn't disappoint 4 days in a row. SWEET.
Shops at Breck- Awesome. Tons of places to duck in and check out whats's happening. Lots of ski/snowboard shops as well as gift shops, realtors, hotels, bars, restaurants and a crepe place to boot!
Empire Burger- Fabulous made to order burgers and fries. YUM. Sat with a fun view of the Main Street while chomping on my perfectly medium rare cheese burger and cheese fries. Cheap and awesome. Also super close to our hotel.
Monday 3-2 First Day of skiing
One amazing plus of the not-so-nice hotel was its AMAZING location. 500 yards to the lift. Heaven. Breck does it right. For $2 you get a big locker so you can store your shoes and any extra layers for the entire day. Key when you don't want to trapse around town in your ski boots.
Lunch on the mountain was insanely good. We sat on the deck, soaking up the sun eating grilled chicken sandwiches that were a perfect reprieve for flying down the mountain.
Dinner was supposed to be Mountain Flying Fish, but was instead gummy candy and gatorade in favor of watching the Bachelor. What can I say, our priorities were a little off, but we were on vacation darn it!
Tuesday 3-3 Second day of skiing
Again, an easy trip to the slopes only this time there was a lot more wind and chilly weather. Apparently the first taste of spring wasn't high on the priority list for Mother Nature.
Lunch again on the mountain, but this time inside. Still nice.
Dinner was Fondue at Swiss Haven. Totally to die for. I am a nut for cheese, so much so that my Mom used to tell me that I was going to turn into a mouse since I ate it so much! The meal was expensive but wonderful. We had a great bottle of wine and totally delicious swiss fondue. Romantic and perfect.
Dessert was Cold Stone Creamery-need I say more? :)
Wednesday 3-4 Day off
Breakfast- Blue Moose
Massages- Mountain Sanctuary- We got a couples massage here and it was decadent and worth every penny. My massuese Erin had amazing hands and did wonders for my calves and back. Right on Main Street- I would highly recommend.
Lunch- Giancarlo Pizzeria- Wonderful fresh thin crust pizza. A great way to end a great stay.
Happy Hour- JJ's at Copper Mountain. Moe Dixon is my FAVORITE cover singer of all time, and I saw him the first time at Copper when I was 18...that's right, 10 years ago! And, he's still there, rocking the place to the foundations every Wednesday from 3-6. Totally fun singing, people dancing in their ski boots...a highlight of the trip for me.
Dinner- Burgers and dogs on the grill courtesy of my awesome Aunt and Uncle. YUM.
Thursday 3-5 First day of skiing at Vail
Rented skis at Buzz's. Buzz's daughter used to ski for Team USA. She rocked. She is now married with little kids, but Buzz is still the man to see in Vail if you want good rentals for a great price. There are also two labradors in the shop at all times, so you can see how I adore this place. I get to play with Mojo (he's the younger of the chocolate labs) and Mr. Pit does all the paper work and we walk out with super cheap demo skis for the 2 days. In Vail Village, right by the Vista Bahn.
Ski'd all day with lunch at The Red Lion in Vail Village. (Mr. Pit was not happy with his skis or boots, so he switched them out while we ordered for him)
Dinner at Larkspur. Larkspur is the new restaurant in the Golden Peak section of Vail (East of Vail Village) and they are known for their 1/2 price wine on Thursdays and their "Larkburgers". I bucked the trend and got pizza, but it was all delicious :)
Friday 3-6 Second and last day of skiing for the trip :(
Ski'd all day, lunch at Mid Vail. Actually found a table, wonder of wonders! Ski'd until 3 and came down exhausted. Returned skis, and had a home meal at the condo of pasta with break and bake chocolate chip cookies to top it off.
Saturday 3-7 Travelling Home
Left Vail at 10:00 with a huge threat of snow looming. It was a white out for some of the way on I-70...NOT the way I like to travel.
We stopped at the Outlets in Silverthorne and were NOT disappointed! I got a new Coach wallet, yay! And had to stop myself from buying a Coach Carly bag for $150...I am kind of kicking myself that I didn't buy it anyway, to atleast try it on eBay, but I didn't and am fine with it. Then we continued to drive and made it to Northfield, which is a new shopping center extravaganza outside Denver. We had an amazing mexican lunch at a restaraunt whose name escapes me now, but they made the guacamole at our table, yummy!!
Then, we spend the rest of the afternoon returning the car, checking our bag, and hanging out at the airport.
Overall, a fabulous trip. Southwest had us early on both ends of the trip, which always makes me a happy camper. I am sure they just add time to the flight estimate to make it seem like we get in early, but hey, if that's how you have to manage my expectations, then go right ahead. I love feeling 'early' :)
I do have to admit though, that it is nice to be home. I almost cried when I saw Lil' Pup, who was wagging his tail so hard he almost fell over, and I actually enjoyed doing laundry because with every piece of ski stuff that went in, I could think of a really fun run on the mountain that we had taken just days before.
Let me know if you need phone numbers or addresses for any of the places, they were all great!
xoxo Mrs. Pit

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