Thursday, March 12, 2009

Martha, Lilly...and ME!

I know you guys want pictures. I know you want action shots. I know you want all of this, and yet I left my camera at home this morning. In my post-Lilly hangover I was completely overwhelmed by the morning coming so quickly (even though I was in bed by 9!) and left the camera.
I will post photos and recap tonight.
In short, it was awesome. I met Prep-E girl who was super nice, and recognized a lot of faces but was much too shy to say hello (these girls are blogging veterans and I felt weird telling them that I read their blog but yet never comment...) was an awesome day, working on a television show looks exhausting but really fun, and I have a new goal and that is to work for Lilly corporate one day. Phenomenal people and it seems like a fun positive place to work.
One small that I have NO fashion credentials, just a brand obsession...does that count? Can I put that on my resume? ha...
Anyways, I'll write later, as of now I have a hundred bid numbers to collect, collate and make sense of.
xoxo Mrs. Pit

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