Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some explanation

Ok, after re-reading my last post I realized that I came off kind of yucky, so I wanted to explain my answers a little more!

1. I only sleep naked in MY house in MY bed. Never at a guests house and certainly not in hotels. I am a good house guest and am terrified of what and who has slept in hotel beds. I have a vast collection of pajamas that I use in those situations.

2. Just my personal underwear preference. I can't afford the expensive stuff, so both tops and bottoms come from Target. Love them, tons of colors, great price.

3. My alarm clock is the one with the iPod, Mr. Pits the one with the CD player. What can I say, I like music.

4. Yes, we get a subscription to Playboy. Also to Men's Health and Details. I love them all. I love getting insight into men's minds. I also get Glamour and Lucky to indulge my girl senses and my shopping habit. I am also the least jealous girl on the planet, so Playboy doesn't bother me at all, nor would any other men's magazine...of all the things I have to worry about in my life, Mr. Pit reading Playboy is negligible on my panic scale. Keeping my job...THAT's what scares me.

5. We honeymooned at two hotels with no tvs or internet. I don't see the point of going on vacation and being 'connected', to me it defeats the purpose. I like to relax and forget about everything going on 'out there'. Plus, I am also obsessed with board games, and who can concentrate on those if the TV is on!

So, now I hope you don't think I am as dirty as I sounded in the first post :)

Have a great night, I am going to go watch tv with Lil' Pup and wait for Mr. Pit to get back from grad school.

xoxo Mrs. Pit


Kate said...

5-my kind of vacation too!

Dollface said...

Awww.... I didnt think anything bad about your blog sexy posts. And I of course only sleep nakey in my house or my bf's bed. haha. Hope to see u on my blog!! xoxo