Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday, Lovely Sunday

So, today, even though the weather wasn't great...was one of the better Sunday's on record. We got up early to go eat at Minella's Diner (a Main Line staple) and I had french toast, which was exactly what I craved and it was totally delicious.

Then Mr. Pit and I headed over to Mecca (I mean the King of Prussia Mall ) where we went to a knife skills class at Williams Sonoma . Though we didn't get to chop anything (I was kind of excited to chop veggies as it's really the only thing I'm good at in the kitchen) we got an hour long tutorial on the differences between European/German knives and Asian knives. I had no idea there were such fundamental differences, but there are. AND, since we have Asian knives (Global to be exact, which we LOVE) there are two very different cutting techniques that you have to use with each one. You can 'rock' the European/German knives, and you have to slice straight down with the Asian ones because of the shape of the blade. I had always thought we were supposed to 'rock' our Global knives, but now I know...and now the knives work even better! Definitely one of our better registry choices.

Then we walked around the mall and played at the Apple store (I am dying for an Apple iBook, but with their prices still hovering near $1000 for a basic one, it's not coming home anytime soon) and then of course we ended up at Lilly :) Since I will be there again tomorrow night I didn't spend so much time browsing, but I am looking forward to the book signing and other 50th Anniversary goodies.

Then we came home, tidied up the house a bit, then Mr. Pit went to school to work on a group project and I took a little nap, put some more things on eBay, then went over to my parents house for dinner where Mr. Pit met me.

Then I got to pick up one of my very very awesome/best friends A at the train station and drop her at home. Though the car ride was much too short from the station to her house, it was great to catch up for that small amount of time. Plus, as a loyal PPB reader, I had to mention her at least once, Hi A!

Anyways, so that brings me to now, and I'm getting ready to watch Amazing Race with Mr. Pit and Lil' Pup and then head to bed.

I told you it was a good day!

Plus, on top of ALL that, I got MAJOR props from Preppy Princess on her blog, and I haven't been this excited since Gilmore Girl added an extra season two years ago :) Check out her post here for her lil' bit on me and my trip to NYC to see Martha! Thanks Princess!

Hope you all had great weekends, and don't worry, I think spring will be here soon, I hope!
Mrs. Pit

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