Thursday, March 19, 2009

Back and better

So, Mr. Pit came home last night (albeit not exactly pleased at being in the city until 8:30) and felt much better about things. We had some ice cream sandwiches (I mean really, who doesn't like those) and watched some HGTV and I felt like I had my old husband back. It was quite nice to say the least.

Then I went to bed and Mr. Pit stayed up to write a paper for his grad school class tonight. I think I will be just as excited for him to graduate next summer as he will, it really takes a toll on both of us, but I know how worth it is in the end. Someone told me yesterday that the MBA is the new BA, so I am really glad that he is in the program. Plus, with all the folks that have been laid off recently, acceptance into the top programs is going to be even harder now with THAT many more people applying, yikes!

Anyways, today, as a response to the horrid cloudy cold weather we have in Philly, I am wearing signature pink, navy and Lilly and I feel better already.

I also have a lunch date with E at the Comcast Center for sushi, and I can't wait. (I am leaving in 5 minutes, so it's really on my mind!).

Then tonight we have a required (yes, required) quarterly staff meeting from 5-8. Awesome. It is normally a 'state of the union' type address but tonight could be not so fun as we are really hurting for some big projects because without them we could have our 4th round of layoffs. Total yikes.

Good news is that my department (a hybrid of estimating/purchasing and engineering) is really really busy, so I think I am safe (kind of). Here's hoping!

oh, ALSO, I downloaded the Lilly background for my computer and I absolutely adore it. I had to save over a picture of Lil' Pup, but it is SO cheery now :) I also keep meaning to bring my princess crown that I got in NY into my office, but I don't want to hurt it by bringing it on the train, but it would be perfect hung on my wall!

Gotta scoot to lunch, have a great day!

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Anonymous said...

We have read the same "The MBA is the..." line elsewhere, it seems to be a self-fulfilling prophesy if nothing else.

Your Lilly sounds adorable, hopefully the meeting tonight won't be too dreary.

Smiles your way,