Friday, July 31, 2009

Furry Friday

Hi all!
First I want to thank everyone for the kind words. My Grandmother was amazing and will be truly missed by all that knew her. I thank you all for the support!

Also, Lauren Nicole is doing an amazing giveaway, so go here to enter! It's lots of Lilly stuff, go now!!

Last but not is the dog of the day!

Meet Erica!

Erica is a Portuguese Water Dog/Bearded Collie and is one of the cutest mutts I've seen to date. You can be just like the Obama's with your cute Porty mix...isn't she a doll?! She is just 2 years old and loves all other dogs, so take her home today!!

What is better for the first weekend in August than to get a dog to bring home? Nothing!! Erica is such a cutie, you'll be the talk of the town :)

Have a great weekend!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

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