Monday, July 20, 2009

Another fun weekend

Hi friends,
After putting about 700 miles on the Audi this weekend, we are back from upstate New York and as tired as ever.

Friday afternoon we made the EXTREMELY long drive up to Binghamton and arrived around 8 when we should have been there at 6:30 thanks to road construction on 81. We made it though and took a tour of our friends new house (the re-did the ENTIRE thing themselves, it's amazing!) and then settled in for some chatting and wine before finally falling asleep around 1.

Then we went to a yummy breakfast at a diner in downtown Binghamton, and then got on 81 again for the rest of our trip up to Rochester.

We arrive to the hotel just in time to do hair and makeup and for Mr. Pit to watch some British Open before we were off to the church and then to the reception.

The reception was fun since it was at the famous Oak Hill Golf Club and we even managed to get to the pro-shop before it closed (yes, we were awful wedding guests and left during the speeches) but we were glad to have made it to the landmark and get some loot as a bonus.
Then there was some fun dancing and all of a sudden it was over!

After a seemingly long night sleep (I got more sleep than Mr. Pit did since he went out to the pub after the reception) we were in the car again for the 6 hour drive home. We got home and promptly fell right asleep for 3 hours and then managed only to order Chinese food for dinner and watch True Blood and Entourage before going back to bed, again!

So, it was another whirlwind weekend and this weekend will be the same. We are headed up to New York state (again) to see Gavin's parents for the weekend (with pup in tow) so it will be even more time in the car, but we haven't seen them since Christmas so we are very much looking forward to it!

Hope you guys had good weekends as well, I don't have any pictures from the wedding since I left the camera in the car at the hotel, but my new purple dress (from NY&Co of all places) was a hit :)

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Dollface said...

Glad you had such a good weekend - I cant wait to see pics :) If you do pics!! if not, :( xxxooo