Friday, July 17, 2009

Furry Friday!

Hi everyone! Friday is here at last and I for one am THRILLED to have made it through the week.

We are off to Rochester this afternoon for a wedding tomorrow and I am as ready as ever to get out of work. We technically have a half day today (the main office does at least, but I am on a jobsite) so we'll see if I can actually leave at noon or not. I certainly hope so!

I ended up buying THIS dress from Rue La La, and I am so excited for it to come. The estimated ship time is about 10 days (weird right?) but I don't need it until September anyway, yay!

and now...onto Furry Friday! Meet Stymie!

Stymie is a young boxer who is in need of a good home! I mean really, look at that face, and the head cock? You've got me sold :)

Here is MLAR's write up...sounds almost too good to be true, but knowing these dogs, it's not!!

Stymie is an incredible dog who is full of love, personality, and happiness. He is incredible with young children and other dogs but isn't so sure about the kitty thing (well, they look like they could be tasty!). Stymie has mastered the Boxer full body wag and will become an instant family member wherever he finds a home.He is a very happy dog who is easy to LOVE!!!

So, go out and get your puppy friend today? Wouldn't you like to come home to that face?!

Have a great weekend everyone!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

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Dollface said...

Good choice!! Make sure to take pics, xxxooo