Thursday, July 9, 2009


Mr. Pit and I share an online calendar through Google (seriously, is there anything that company doesn't do?!) and it's the handiest thing in the world.

For instance, yesterday I scheduled a vet appointment for Lil' Pup and could put it on the calendar while simultaneously emailing Mr. Pit of his new outing. They are there right now getting Lil' Pup his Bordatella shot since we are boarding him next weekend for the wedding we are going to.

We have so much going on the rest of the year, the only way we can keep it straight is with multiple calendars...on the computer, on the fridge, you name it, it's written down somewhere!

Take a look at what we have for the next 6 joke, it doesn't stop!

July 17-18 Wedding in Rochester, NY
July 25-26 Funeral in Southbury, CT
August 6-8 Wedding in Albany, NY
September 4-8 Virgin Gorda, BVI (Our birthday trip, yay!)
September 11-13 Wedding in Chicago, IL
October 16-18 Weekend in Chicago/South Bend for USC/Notre Dame football game
November 13-15 Weekend in Washington, DC for Bachelorette party/Redskin game
December 30-Jan 1 Wedding in Salem, MA

And those are just the events that we are traveling for! We have a ton of stuff going on in August on the weekend as well as July being completely booked up already save for this coming Sunday when miraculously nothing is on the calendar (yet!)

Good thing we are frequent fliers of Southwest AND use the credit card to get more points, yikes! But, I'm excited to be going all of these places and seeing all of our friends.

What are YOUR summer plans?

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Dollface said...

wow - that sounds fun filled and busy!! xxxoo