Monday, July 27, 2009

WAY ahead of myself

I know I'm way ahead of myself...but since we get the Pottery Barn Catalog, we get the Pottery Barn KIDS catalog...and I couldn't help but go through it and find that they now have Peter Rabbit bedding.

It's like they were listening to my little inside voice WISHING that someone would design this and I wouldn't have to pay hundreds of dollars to get this stuff from England (apparently they carry it at Harrod's exclusively).

So, while I am NOT pregnant yet, I really really want to buy this just in case they sell out or don't make it by the time I that crazy...YES. Would I do it anyway...of course. But, Mr. Pit won't let me. Darn logic.

Oh, and I want a white crib, not a dark brown and our walls will be yellow not white and green...but hello, super cute!

This is when being a Virgo and planning EVERYTHING gets tough!!

AND I want this...but instead of the animals in the middle I want the name of our baby just like in the catalog (craft store, here I come!)

And don't worry, I was exactly like this for our wedding too (I had collected torn out pages of wedding magazines for YEARS) so Mr. Pit knows this is coming and he smiles and says 'whatever you want dear' like a good husband should. (Though this still doesn't green light me for buying anything, it does leave me hopeful that he won't object TOO much when the appropriate time comes either :)

That's my insane wishlist for the day, hope you're having a great Monday as well!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

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Black Labs and Lilly said...

Adorable! I love the idea of having the name of the baby in the center of the changing area/armoire!