Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Do you know that the first email I get every morning when I come into my office?
Do you want to guess?

Nope, it's not from Mr. Pit saying he misses me already (remember, it's 7am and he's still asleep)...it's from Ann Freaking Taylor. Every morning at 7 they are kind enough to email me some sort of coupon or promotion or sale or something and I am so tired of it! I don't however want to take myself all the way off the list because I do like being reminded of goings-on in their store, I just don't need it every day! Plus, they sell your name to all their sister companies so then you get LOFT, and ATL Outlet...I mean, come on...I know I like clothes but I don't buy them every day!

Anyways...not much going on at the Pit house this week. Mr Pit is FINALLY done school for the semester (yay!) and doesn't have to go back until September! So, we are taking some much needed US time in the evenings which include grocery shopping (I told you we were fancy) and dog walking (who needs a gym membership when you have to walk Lil' Pup 2 miles a day just to get him to sit down at night?!).

This weekend we are off to beautiful Rochester, New York for our 2nd of 5 weddings this summer and we get to go visit the ORIGINAL Wegmans! I know it's just a grocery story, and yes, I have been made fun of for being so excited about it, but I freaking love that store and I am SO excited that they are opening one near us in October :)

I also have a fab new dress to wear to the wedding, it's purple and I am going to wear it with green peep toe stilettos. I know my feet will hurt for the majority of the evening, but to me it's worth it for the complete ensemble.

I'm off to grab some lunch with some co-workers and then I'll try to declutter my desk this afternoon. Wish me luck!


Black Labs and Lilly said...

Wegman's is such a great grocery store! We don't have one up here, but I've been to the one outside of DC, it has EVERYTHING!

Dollface said...

Have so much fun at the wedding!! Also, just click unsubscribe on the bottom of the email so you no longer recieve it!! xxxoo

Her Preppiness said...

I love Wegman's