Monday, July 20, 2009

Gift Show

I get to go here in August, yayayayay!!

I will be working for Bungalow for 1/2 the time I am there, and then the other half will be looking for items to stock in my store that I hope to open in the spring of next year!

I am so excited and SO thankful to Bungalow for giving me the opportunity to get my feet wet in the retail business first hand.

Best. Monday. Ever!


Her Preppiness said...

That is soo exciting!!! I live in the philly area so I cannot wait to be your first customer

cancersucks said...

Bucks county preppy blogger here...keep us posted on the details of your store opening! I'm assuming the NY gift show you have to have be a member to shop? If not, please pass the details along.