Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Amazing Weekend

Hi friends,
sorry it took so long to post, I had an extended weekend and enjoyed every waking (and non waking) moment!

Friday started out fabulously with me sleeping until 11:30. Ah yes, that's college type sleeping for me and it was amazing. We then ran around and cleaned up the house before our houseguests arrived that afternoon, weeded and staked the ENTIRE garden, then it was off to the club for dinner and fireworks.

Saturday was a busy and early day and we were IN Yankee Stadium by 11:30 to watch batting practice and take a tour of the new digs. Mr. Pit caught a batting practice homerun ball IN HIS HAT! and the whole game was awesome. We all got a LOT of sun, and came home happy and very tired after a long drawn out 12 inning Yankees winning game. Saturday night was spent watching the 'Capital 4th' on PBS...yes, we watched fireworks ON TV, but they were still good and I especially enjoyed the Sesame Street gang singing for all the kids on the capital lawn.

Sunday was spent going to a delicious lunch at Classic Diner (YUM!) and then having a very healthy meal at 5 Guys for dinner, hee hee.

Yesterday was spent running more errands (including getting all my iTunes songs off of my old computer and on to the new) and basically being lazy.

Tonight we are going out to dinner for my Dad's birthday...Happy Birthday Chawhee! (if you can name the movie in your comment I will be impressed!)

Then this weekend we have a whole lot of nothing planned except for some golf and a haircut for me.

What do you think, should I chop it all off or keep it below my shoulders??

All in all it was a wonderful 4 days. I got lots done around the house, caught up on lots of sleep and saw some great friends!

Now, back to the grind!


Dollface said...

Did you enjoy Yankee stadium?? I hope so!!! xxxoo

Her Preppiness said...

Glad it was great