Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A little diatribe

OK folks, I don't normally rant...but I have to as I have just had enough.

Michael Jackson is NOT a hero. He was a great entertainer. His songs are great (I have routines to lots of them, Thriller, The Way You Make Me Feel, etc). I enjoyed and will enjoy his music.

BUT, he's also a creepy creepy weirdo who got seriously into drugs and being even weirder with kids that were alone in his house with him, um...GROSS!

So, pray tell, WHY is ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and all the other major news outlets giving him MORE press than when the Pope died? He is a celebrity for crying out loud, he's dead, move on. Stop being weird and sobbing in the street. For goodness sake people, it is not THAT news worthy!

I will probably get hate comments for this post and I don't even care. He was an entertainer. He didn't cure cancer. He didn't change the world. Maybe the world of music, but he didn't change the world, end hunger, violence, strife, government injustices...I just don't see it.

I am not trying to get up on my high horse, for I have no horse and don't think I am high and mighty (my favorite show is Gilmore Girls people!) I just am sickened that major news stations are sending reporters to the Staples center to report on his memorial when there is actual NEWS going on!

Ok, I'm done. A fun preppy post will come later.


Dollface said...

We are all welcomed to our own opinions... I know the hype about him right now is great, but I guess he is bigger than Elvis or any other rock idol... but he was a great music entertainer, and he had flaws... but the kids thing is a bit creepy... but we werent there and we dont know, ehhh, Im torn with the MJ issue.... but rant on sister! xxxoo

Jenna Lee said...


They interrupted the Tour de France with "updates" on the memorial. Things this girl doesn't tolerate: interruptions of Lance Armstrong.