Friday, April 17, 2009

Furry Friday!

Hi friends,
well, it's another gorgeous day in Philadelphia, and we're even have a barbecue at work at lunch time to celebrate the spring weather :)

Meet Paulie. Paulie is a boxer that is currently at Main Line Animal Rescue, and Paulie is deaf, so he really needs our help. Below is his bio from the MLAR website, take a look and go see Paulie this weekend! If only Lil' Pit didn't enjoy being an 'only child' so much, you know I'd be over there in a second to scoop him up!

Paulie is deaf. What he lacks in one area he more than compensates for in others. In a word, Paulie is simply "sweet." He loves to sit in the sun. He seems not to be interested in barking at passersby or in becoming overly excited with his neighbors in the kennel. Paulie bonds with his human contacts quickly and is interested in learning his new "sign language." He is easy to train, eager to please and takes his treats ever-so gently. He is expanding his "vocabulary" quickly. Right now, Paulie has learned a sign for "good boy" and will offer a "sit" without prompting. He does have a signal for "sit" and for "down." He likes to use the agility dog-walk in the playground and he is always up for a game of tug-of-war. He seems to enjoy other dogs. Paulie is currently working on his leash and door manners and is making good progress every day. He keeps his inside run neat and clean (perhaps he is housebroken or close to it). Paulie's fave way to spend a happy day is when an MLAR Volunteer sits on the floor where he can crawl up and lie across their lap. He loves to cuddle and give kisses.

Go check out Main Line Animal Rescue's site by clicking HERE or check out your local SPCA for an animal needing rescue :)

Have a great weekend!!


Dollface said...

Oh wow.. he's deaf.. poor doggy... dogs are so resilient some times.... awwww... xxxoo

Gavin said...

He looks like a good one!!!!

KAG said...

great to meet you today! xoxo KAG