Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Um...spring...hello? Are you there??

These bloggers, man I tell ya! They are SO incredibly generous I can't even describe.

Mrs. Newlywed over at Misadventures of a Newlywed is giving away a super cute striped towel with your monogram on it. Seriously to die for cute. I am entered myself, phew!

Not that I can even IMAGINE laying out right now as it is day #2 of 40 something degree weather and rain...lots of rain. Tomorrow is supposed to be 60 and sunny, but I won't believe it until I see it, and hopefully I will :)

It's been pretty quiet over at the Preppy Pit house lately, Easter was great and now we are back in to our regularly scheduled routine of Mr. Pit at class on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Lil' Pup and I have the house to ourselves. Last night I was in bed at 10:15 and it was glorious. I woke up feeling fairly refreshed this morning despite the rain, and I am willing this day to go by quickly.

This weekend Mr. Pit has a golf dinner on Friday, followed by the opening day golf tournament on Saturday afternoon. I am choosing to go see the ETC clothing line (my personal appointment is at 2) and I am really excited. Check out their website HERE to get a preview of the clothes, and then you can schedule an appt with a local representative. My friend N is the newest rep in our area and I am really excited for her to start this new venture.

Anyways, back to work for me, have a good day!
xoxo Mrs. Pit


Dollface said...

I know where is spring!!!! I love that giveaway also..... xxxooo

42 said...

Oh so cute!!!