Thursday, April 23, 2009

Beverly Hills Chihuahua...a recap

So, I forgot to tell you in the last post, that the evening was capped off with a movie, and that movie my friends, was BEVERLY HILLS CHIHUAHUA.

The premise of the movie is simple...a pampered Beverly Hills Chihuahua is lost while her dog-sitter is vacationing in Mexico. Alas, a search is made and it all ends well, thank goodness.

*** NOT continue reading unless you are ok with me spoiling the plot****

What the previews FAIL to tell you, is that Chloe actually kidnapped by a dog fighting gang.

This to me was astounding and I think I would have been quite upset to bring small children to this movie. Dog fighting is a very real and very scary reality for a lot of dogs in this country and others, and I am very surprised that Disney would even get into this territory...but they did have some notes and information at the end of the movie of where and how to rescue a dog from a shelter and all that good stuff. What they failed to mention was horrible truth that many of today's dogs face when they are 'rescued' by the wrong people.

I am fairly certain that Lil' Pup was rescued from a dog fighting ring where he was used as a 'bait dog'. This is one of the most horrible things I think you can ever do to an animal and I was a little upset that Disney put an almost theatrical spin on this issue (at the end they show the 'bad guys' getting thrown into the police car) but you don't really know if they are being arrested for stealing Chloe, or for running the dog fights.

These poor dogs are used to fight until they DIE. It is literally dog eat dog, and these poor animals are being used against their will to fight for their own life day after day. I was horrified when I learned about the Michael Vick ring, and my ideal punishment for him would be to tie HIM to a tree (like they do the bait dogs) and let his own dogs attack him and have him die like that. Seriously, he deserves no better death than that.

Anyways...I know I got off topic. I liked the movie (the soundtrack is really good) I just thought the message was a bit jumbled as they tried to keep it younger for their target audience.

In closing, dog fighting sucks, and if you participate or remotely enjoy this kind of thing, please don't come anywhere near me or my dog. Thanks!

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