Monday, April 6, 2009

L-O-N-G Day

Hi friends,
well, I started at my new position today (same company, I just went from the estimating side to the engineering side and I am now on a jobsite). My day starts at 7am. I was told today that it's frowned upon to leave before 5, and really 5:30. Holy long day Batman...I haven't worked this long in a long time! (my first jobsite out of college was similar) So, that is why I couldn't blog during the day today since it was day #1 AND my desk and computer face the entire office, so I couldn't be seen on blogspot my very first day!

Anyways, I think this will be good for me, and the long hours won't kill me, Mr. Pit or Lil' Pup since we all need to keep our heads down and work through this lovely little thing called a recession.

In other news 3 out of my 4 ebay items sold (which is really good for me, my stuff just doesn't sell for whatever reason) and the steal of the day, I mean STEAL...were the McKim sandals that I priced at 49.99 thinking that they would go shooting about $100...well, no. A lady got them for $54...therefore I LOST money on the I thought I was being smart by pricing them so nicely, but I guess Mondays are not great days to have auctions end. Oh well, live and learn.

I am home now (there was surprisingly little traffic) and I am gonna go make dinner for myself and hang out with Lil' Pup until Mr. Pit gets home from studying.

Have a great night!

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