Monday, April 20, 2009

Just another manic Monday

Hi friends, so coming off the amazing weather that we had this weekend, this rainy Monday is the opposite of awesome, but since I'm stuck at work anyway it doesn't really matter.

I had a great weekend and since it's a 4 day work week for me, it's even better :)
Friday night my friend M came over for pasta and wine and we had a great discussion over boiling water and jars of tomato sauce (hey, I never claimed to be good at cooking!) and it was a great way to start the weekend off right. M will also be involved in the upcoming weekend adventure, but more on that later.

Then Saturday I slept in with Mr. Pit (well, I slept, Mr. Pit was up at 7 for some unknown reason) and met my Mom at Agnes Irwin for their Spring Shops. The shops were great and they had SO much cute stuff!! I also got to meet the awesome KAG and she was so friendly and fun to talk to! I also ran into another friend who now does her own can check her out at Linda and Harriet . I LOVE her stuff!

After that I went to go see the Etcetera line and OMG...I spent WAY more money than I should have, but it felt SO good to try on really really well made clothes and know that I would get a TON of use out of this stuff! I will see if I can pull some images off the web (everything seems to be flash these days and I don't know how to get it on here!) but I am thrilled that I came away with a dress that will be perfect for the wedding we are going to in 3 weeks (Tropical, item #77 on their Spring Looks 2009 line), as well as two tops that I think will get some great mileage this summer!

THEN...(I know, busiest Saturday ever) Mr. Pit came home from his golf tournament, with a prize! At first I thought it was just a 'thanks for competing thing' and it turns out he won THE WHOLE THING!! First place! Mr. Pit's name will be painted on an official plaque that hangs at the club for the whole place to see! I was SO proud of him and he was a smitten kitten the whole night. Apparently the first 9 holes were iffy, but then he says he got into a groove and just could do no wrong. Totally awesome. We celebrated by barbecuing whole foods burgers and sitting on the deck with cocktails.

Sunday was a lot more low key with Mr. Pit playing yet another round of golf (he won his heads-up match as well!) and me staying home, playing with Lil' Pit and making good progress on my needle pointing project. I am about 55% of the way through, so it looks like a birthday belt for Mr. Pit is indeed an option!

Then for dinner last night we headed to my family's house for our usual Sunday night take-out festivities and returned home to watch Amazing Race and go to bed early. A wonderful weekend all around.

And, for the grand finale of this post...I am going to Williamsburg this weekend with my high school friends and I couldn't be more excited. J and her husband P live down there, so J, M and I are headed down to ride all the roller coasters at Busch Gardens as we can in one day and then hit up the outlets on the way home. I am taking Friday off to drive down there and I couldn't be more excited. I don't spend nearly enough time with these friends and I am really happy to be able to ride in M's new car as well (a tricked out Santa Fe!) We'll be riding in new-car smell rocking out to our iPods and XM radio and generally acting about 15 instead of 29...but I am giddy like a kid on Christmas to get this weekend here asap.


Dollface said...

Sounds like a really fun weekend... glad you met another bloggie!! xxxoo

Her Preppiness said...

Sounds like a great weekend!!! Sorry that I missed the Agnes Irwin Shops.