Friday, April 3, 2009

Furry Friday!

Hi and welcome to Furry Friday. Though it's a bit dreary and rainy today don't think for one second that this isn't a GREAT weekend to go adopt a dog!

Meet Ziggy !

Ziggy is a Jack Russell/Norwich Terrier Mix and is one energetic little guy!
Below is the description from Main Line Animal Rescue...and you have the chance to adopt two dogs at once, keep reading!!

Wanna play??? Beneath that beguiling and appealing exterior is the soul of a true terrier. A well-fenced, escape-proof yard or brisk daily walks are a must with this 'dog and people' friendly little guy. Probably indulged by his previous owners, Ziggy(also known as Zig, the Zigster or Zigman) is a bit of an aerialist and needs some work on his manners. Ziggy will make a wonderful addition to a family(with no small children) willing to fulfill his needs. And like the cartoon for which he is named, Ziggy is bound to make you smile. NOTE TO POTENTIAL ADOPTERS: Ziggy and his kennel-mate Bingo are two peas-in-a-pod. Of similar age, size and disposition, it is great fun to watch them interact with each other. These two dogs genuinely like each other! While not a requirement, it would be wonderful if Ziggy and Bingo could be adopted together. Hey, double your pleasure, double your fun, adopt Bingo and Ziggy.

So, check out Ziggy and lots of other dogs and cats that are available from Main Line Animal Rescue , or any rescue close to you! All these animals need loving homes, and you need companionship right? Go for it!!

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Dollface said...

I would love another dog!! What a cute name too.. Ziggy... just watched the good first half and more of Marley and Me last nite... crazy!!! xoxo