Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Busy Little Bee

Hi guys,
well, the new jobsite has me stunned, exhausted and exhilarated all at the same time. Stunned because there is SO much going on (we have 8 superintendents and 6 yes 6 managers working on this project and EVERYONE is busy...insane). Exhausted because I now get up an entire hour earlier than I used to, and now I drive too and from the city, so I have to keep my brain turned on for even longer so I don't drive off the road! And finally, exhilarated since it's an amazing project and fabulous to put on my resume.
Also, I ran into two old co-workers on my way to deliver something to the Owner today, and that was really nice. It was a full 30 seconds (they were on their way to a training of some sort) but it was nice to see friendly, they work on the project RIGHT next door to mine, so we're going to have lunch sometime soon!
Lastly, Mr. Pit has a tiny little hiatus from class today (total bonus that he is getting his MBA from a Catholic University, they have off for Maundy Thursday) so I actually get to have dinner with him tomorrow (and M and C) so it'll be a little party!
Anyways, gotta run since I really shouldn't be blogging at work but I had to check in and say hi!
Hope all is well, and don't worry, I WILL be posting for Furry Friday, so stay tuned until then!
Oh...and Lilly is having a deal tonight at all of the stores for the PINK moon that comes out tonight (something about it being the new moon of spring or something) but there will be sales...and prizes, so go check it out!
Mrs. Pit

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