Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Late Night

Morning all, Happy April Fools Day!

First, I hope that I don't get any pranks pulled on me today. I tend not to do well when teased (which is ironic considering I went to private school for 13 years and dished out my fair share) and I am so anxious about work that I don't think a work related prank would be funny at all...but I digress.

Second, I thought for a couple of minutes yesterday that I could get laid off. My boss (the big boss of my entire department) came into my office yesterday at 4pm and asked if I could talk to him in his office when I had time. My heart raced, my stomach was in my throat. "SURE!" I said as I pondered what I would do the next day with no job. Turns out he just wanted to chat about what I was working on and what I wanted to do next (my company does construction so you can always jump on a jobsite for a bit if you want, or are told to do so). I told him he scared me by asking me in his office so late in the day on the last day of the month...and he apologized profusely for his bad timing...yikes!

Third, I stayed up until midnight last night to watch all 4 episodes of One Tree Hill on Disk 3 of Season 5. This was AFTER getting home from dinner out with E at 9pm. I am not so smart, but I couldn't turn it off!

After all the anxiety of work stuff I wasn't tired, but goodness knows I'm paying for it today!
Anyways...that was my lame and sort of crazy night. Oh yeah, and Mr. Pit didn't get home until 11:30pm anyways, so he thought it was hilarious that I was still up and watching the last episode on the disk! (Nathan is kicked out of the house, Carrie is crazy, Peyton is jealous, Lucas is engaged and Brooke just fired could I NOT watch?!)

Hopefully today I won't get anymore scares!
xoxo Mrs. Pit


Prep-E Girl said...

I often watch One Tree Hill because it comes on after GG. But, I have NO IDEA what the stinkin' plot line is supposed to be about!


Dollface said...

Ok love One Tree Hill.. and Carrie is crazy.... she gets work... Victoria is horrible to poor Brookie.... and dont you just love Jaime?! SO Cute!! xoxo