Monday, June 8, 2009


Hi there Pit Fans,
It was a crazy weekend at the Pit House and I am one exhausted girl today.

Friday was nice and low key, exactly what we wanted, but come Saturday morning we were on a mission and didn't stop until 11pm last night.

Saturday morning we were up and hit Whole Foods, the golf club, KMart, and Acme, and in between then we managed to put the new bed together, clean the entire house, do 2 loads of laundry, weed the garden and make it to dinner at a friends by 5:30.

Then, Sunday we were up at 7 to go play in our respective golf matches (Dad and I came in 5th with a net 69 yesterday, woo hoo!) and then we worked like man men getting the house ready for our Iron Chef Guacamole Party. We had 4 couples come over, each bring their own guacamole, and then judged the respective recipes while draining 1 1/2 cases of Corona...ha! It was a great weekend I am just beat, and it probably didn't help that I probably had 6 beers on a Sunday night either. It was great fun though and the guacamoles were fantastic! I don't think I have to eat again for a week!

Mr. Pit has two clases this week (and two test tonight, poor guy!) and then he's off to Vegas on Friday morning for his best friends bachelor party. I get to host my first Scout Bag Home Party and I can't wait!! All the products came in last week and they are absolutely great. I showed a bunch of people last night and they were all really excited about Saturday, so I hope a lot of people come and that I will do well enough for Bungalow to allow me to do another one in the late summer :) :)

Anyways, I have a busy week at work, my desk is FULL of things for me to process, so I gotta hop to it...hope your weekends were swell!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

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Dollface said...

awww.. look at you miss pro golfer!! xxxooo