Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Any sale updates?

So, I am a hardcore Lilly fan, but not so much as to get to the warehouse sale a whole day before and camp out. I mean, I love her stuff, just not so much at 3am on a Tuesday night...especially since I am lucky enough to live so close to the sale and headquarters themselves, I can't imagine sleeping on the floor or in a hotel when I could be in my own cozy bed.

Anyways...for those of you that ARE hardcore enough to do that, did you find anything this morning? Prep-E girl, I expect a full report!

I am going tomorrow morning and I am hoping hoping hoping that I find the Saemus dress!!

Not much happening today, Mr. Pit has class tonight so I will probably have something deeply fabulous for dinner like Macaroni or grilled cheese, and then I have to do a lot of studying as well as the clock is ticking down to the 30th!!

Hope everyone has a great day and that your dog didn't keep YOU up barking all night at the thunder!

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Dollface said...

awwww love the sale stuff - please let me know more!! xxoo