Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Clothes out...Clothes in?

Hi all,
In response to the questions on the last post...that is the Saemus dress, and it sells for $498...so you can see how my wishing it down to $99 for the WH sale is a dream, but I can hope!

I also dropped off 3 HUGE bags of clothes to a consignment sale yesterday (and if they don't sell they donate them to goodwill) so I feel really good about getting the closet a little lighter. I felt a little guilty since some of the things I donated I had NEVER worn, but I figured that if I hadn't worn them in the 2 years + that I had them, they probably wouldn't be worn anytime soon...plus, I need to make room in my closet for my new Lilly clothes!

I am taking the entirety of Thursday off and am pairing a fun happy occasion with a very sad one...so I am hoping my day will balance out. I am meeting my Mom at the Lilly sale at 9 and the funeral for A is at 11, so I am hoping I can do the whole thing in an hour and a half or less. If I can't I will just go back Thursday evening, but I don't think it will take me too long. I am really just looking for the Saemus dress and some accessories and a tuxedo jacket for my brother. (He has been really adorable asking for it for about 6 months now) so I am hoping they have a good mens selection!

THEN Friday I was invited to a golf outing, so I am really excited to spend my afternoon out on the course. It will take a while (the outing doesn't start until 2) but Mr. Pit has an outing that day as well, so it's not like one of us will be waiting for the other at home which is nice.

Saturday I have a golf lesson and nothing else planned so that excites me to no end as well as I need a good relaxing weekend.

Off I go to work now, I didn't finish my big project yesterday so I have to start getting all that info together to present to the engineer for a judgement...fun times.

Happy Lilly Warehouse Sale Week!!

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Dollface said...

yay! I love that you donated clothes, this is such a great thing!! very inpiring... xxxoo