Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dinner tonight!

We're eating here tonight, and I can't wait...check out this menu!

Caesar Salad, Shaved Parmesan
Chopped Greek Salad, with Feta Cigar
Caramelized Brussels Sprouts, Bacon, Parmesan & Balsamic
Mozzarella, Eggplant, Roasted Pepper & Arugula Salad
Roasted Beets with Feta & Scallion
Truffled Smoked Salmon Bruschetta
Lump Crab Cake, Citrus Salad
Steamed Mussels, White Wine, Prosciutto & Rosemary
Hummus, Grilled Flatbread, Roasted Peppers, Olives
Crispy Calamari, Hot Peppers, Capers, Lemon Aioli

Main Plates
Orecchiette Pasta, Scallops, Mushrooms, Scallions & Truffle Sauce
Manti, Turkish Lamb Dumplings with Yogurt Sauce, Mint, Brown Butter & Toasted Pine Nuts
Hanger Steak with Salsa Verde & Spanish Fries
Mahi, Spring Vegetable Risotto, Roasted Garlic, Asparagus & Peas
Seared Skate, Spinach, Creamy Feta & Orzo
Parmesan Seared Monkfish, Brocollini, Potatoes & Olive
Soft Shell Crab with Tomato Artichoke Sauce & Linguini