Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I know...a PRO

Hi there Pit fans,
I have some fun news today, and for any of you that are triathletes, or fans of traithlons in general, this may be a fun post for you.

I am lucky enough to love all of my cousins, and one of them happens to be a pretty big deal in the world of professional triathlons and Ironmans.

My cousin Andy has won two (yes TWO) ironman competitions, and numerous triathlons (2 already this season) and he's a US Olympian to boot.

The reason for this post is that Andy is coming to Philadelphia in 2 weeks. He is having dinner with my entire family and I am so psyched to spend some time with him. With his race schedule as it is, and training on top of that, Andy doesn't get much time to spend socializing, much less hanging out with his extended family. So, we're thrilled to see him.

He is a few years older than me and I used to love swimming in the lake in New Hampshire with him since he was so strong you could hold on to his back and he could swim like that forever! He could also toss you SO far into the air it seemed like you'd never hit the water again. We used to have all sorts of contests in the lake, who could swim underwater the farthest, who could jump the farthest off the dock...you name it, he won it, but was always such a good sport and so much fun to hang out with. I just adored him when I was younger, and I still do! His wife and baby boy (well, he's almost 2 so hardly a baby!) are fabulous as well. His son, Boston (not named after the city btw, named so Andy can call him BOSS) is just the cutest thing and is growing like a weed if the pictures on the website are any indication! The last time I saw him he was in the first stages of walking, now I bet he's racing like his Daddy!

Anyways, here are a few pics of my celebrity cousin...and you can check out his website HERE if you are interested in his life as a pro athlete!

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