Thursday, June 18, 2009

OMFG...STOP RAINING ALREADY! this is getting ridiculous. We haven't seen the sun here in the Mid Atlantic since Sunday, and even then is was mostly cloudy. Today it has been POURING all day and tonight is a 'garden party' at Appleford Estate and now it looks like it will be more of a 'Tent near the garden' party due to all this rain! I just called my mom to make sure it was OK to wear my pink and green wellies, and she assured me that there is a coat room where I can change...but my goodness, it is crazy flooding everywhere too...where is summer?!

In other news, we finally refinanced the house, and it turns out we don't pay our July mortgage and the new payments pick up in Mr. Pit has said that if I pass my LEED test (dear lord help me pass this impossible thing!) I can get an iMac, yee haw!!! Better motivation has never existed!!

I am now trying to figure out which laptop I want...I am dying for a MAC since everyone says they are phenomenal, though I am mostly partial to a PC since it's what I'm used I'm thinking either a Dell Inspiron 15, a Sony Vaio, a Mac iBook or an HP (which have all gotten amazing reviews lately in PC world and other online computer sites)

So, to all my bloggy geniuses out there...what do you think?? I will try to post a poll on the blog (if I can figure out the widget) help me decide!

oh yeah, and I have already decided that I AM passing this help me pick out my prize!!

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Dollface said...

I know! Enough with the rain already!!! I have a MAC and I like it, but the vaio is supposed to be amazing... are you a PC or an Apple user?? xxxoo