Tuesday, June 16, 2009

He's back!

Ah, the prodigal husband has returned and all is right with the world :)

Of course, he has class tonight until 9:30 and I only talked to him for 5 seconds last night as I was half awake/half sleeping when he got home and then I left at 6:30 this morning with a scant "I love you" when I walked out the door. So, we'll do our catching up eventually, as well as a welcome home hug and a kiss tonight.

I also have a friend coming over tonight to look at the Scout stuff, so yay for more potential sales!

I had a nice dinner last night with my family and my grandfather and even forgave my older brother for losing our house key and not picking up Lil' Pup...but, I left work a little early, picked up the puppy and made it down to their house just in time for the steaks to go on the grill, yum! Lil' Pup also got some steak (which he promptly threw up in the car on the way back) but I think he enjoyed it in the beginning!

I am also proud of myself for NOT buying a new Kate Spade bag this morning as soon as I saw the Twitter post that they are having a 75% off Sample Sale...I showed great reserve and didn't pounce, go me!

Now I am at work writing change orders and otherwise trying to manage 6 contractors, good times.

Not much else going on over here in the City of Brotherly Love...I just realized that we are out on Thursday night so the packing will have to take place prior to that...and then I am taking the train to work that day so I have to get up even earlier because the train is on such a goofy schedule that early in the morning. Oh well, it's worth it for the reward of flying out to Chicago that night :)


Dollface said...

yay for hubby being back :) xxxoo

Black Labs and Lilly said...

Taking the train when you are used to driving is the worst, but if makes taking a vaca easier its worth it!